Our History

The Osnaburg was established as a bar in 1835 and is one of Forfar’s oldest licensed premises.

The name Osnaburg was derived from a measure of cloth, as prior to becoming a bar the premises were used as a weaver’s shop. Forfar was traditionally involved in the weaving industry and the measuring shop was located at the end of the Vennel.

There have been many notable landlords over the years; one of the most notable was Jim Cameron. After serving in WWII, he established ownership of the pub. Jim always wore a kilt, but he was more interested in hunting and shooting than in pulling pints. His wife Anne then became more involved and established a cocktail bar in what is now the (dog free) lounge area.

The pub has a long held reputation as being the most haunted building in Forfar, with several ghost stories, which over the years have found their way into countless articles and books about Forfar. There has been special interest from the paranormal society, who visited and reported strong findings which they documented on their website. The restless spirit has a propensity to haunt the pub cellars where several members of staff have experienced unwanted attentions.

Pop in today though and I’m sure you will find us, like the ghosts, very friendly!

Thanks to pub historian Laurie Rogers (RIP) who was a regular here since WWII.